Nazik başlı kəlbətin Gedore 8132     

İstehsalçı: Gedore

Length (L, L1): 200 mm
Jaw length (L3): 75.7 mm
Width of head (b, b1, n, W3): 18.5 mm
Width of jaws (W4): 3.7 mm
Thickness of head (T1): 9.5 mm
Thickness of point (T2): 2.8 mm
Weight: 186 g
Packing unit (PU): 5 Piece
Suitable for: Industry, Aerospace/Aviation

Gedore 8132-200 TL Telephone pliers 200 mm
• Acc. to DIN ISO 5745
• Long, flat-round jaws, straight gripping faces, serrated
• For holding, gripping, bending and cutting
• Induction-hardened precision cutting edges, hardness 61 - 63 HRC
• GEDORE special hardened and tempered steel, drop-forged, oil-hardened and annealed
• JC = chrome-plated, 2-component handles
• TL = black, with blue dipped handle protectors

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