Dinamometrik açar GEDORE 1545132 4549-02     

İstehsalçı: Gedore

Gedore 1545132
Drive connector square (male): 1/4 inch
Drive connector square (male) nominal size: 6.3 mm
Range of work / measurement N.m (min/max): 2-25 N·m
Range of work / measurement lbf.ft (min/max): 1,5-18 lbf·ft
Scale divisions: 1 N·m
Scale ring graduation: 0,1 N·m
Distance middle of handgrip to pivot point: 206.5 mm
Height: 24 mm
Diameter of head: 35 mm
Sale unit: 1 Piece
Distance housing - drive: 26 mm
Length (L, L1): 284.5 mm
Weight: 450g
Suitable for: Industry, Automotive, Motorbike, Renewable Energies, Wind power

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